Thursday, December 6, 2012

Boise Temple Open House

Grandma and Grandpa Ward come up to visit and we went together to the Boise Temple Open House.  The girls loved being able to visit the temple and see the beauty inside.

These girls are looking so big!

Halloween 2012

Eames Halloween 2012: Ellie (Nerd) Hailey (Kitty) Sofia (Elephant) Sam (Batman).

 Nampa 36th Trunk or Treat. David is crying because he is dressed as a Vandal Fan. Our bishopric Daivd, Bishop Stephan, and Jeff Aldous. 
Hailey's pumpkin that she grew! She was so proud of it.  It took up so much room we will never plant a pumpkin again!!!

Eames Kids

Eames kids: Hailey 5, Sofia 7 1/2 months, Ellie 8, and Sam 3.

 Sofia loves to smile with her mouth open wide!!
 Sam (who used to ignore Sofia) loves to play with her. Not sure she really likes the attention all the time.
In our Halloween shirts from Auntie Susie!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

 Our cute Sofia.  She is 3 months old.
 For Memorial day we packed our lunch and headed out.  We ended up at Eagle Island State Park.  We had never been before so it was a fun adventure.  Hailey was not very happy at this moment.

 It didn't take long till she decided to make it a great day.

 We ended up taking a little nature walk.  Ellie proceeds to tell us many unique facts, while Hailey complains about so much walking. Funny girls!

Me and my little guy!
 The kids on our walk.
Sofia was there, I promise. She pretty much enjoyed a nice nap the entire time.

Pre School Graduation

 Hailey graduated from Preschool.  They put on a darling little program.  She has really learned a lot this year and is just about ready for Kindergarten.
 Hailey getting her diploma from Mrs. Wilkes.
 Some of Hailey's girl friends from preschool.
 Her good friend McKenna Durrant.  Hailey doesn't like to open her mouth when she smiles.  She cracks me up!
 Hailey and her sweet teacher, Mrs. Wilkes.
 Samuel, Ellie, and Hailey.  Earlier in the evening Ellie had her first piano recital.  She did an awesome job! She can already play better than me.
 We ended the evening with floats and ice cream from Artic Circle.  Sam LOVES a cone!

Me and the girls.  This is a bad pic of myself but the only one where all the girls are looking.  I can't believe I have THREE!!  They are one of the greatest blessing in my life!

Girls Weekend

David and Sam went on their first father and sons outing so us girls had a girls night/day together. We started off Friday night with a waxing of our hands and feet and then a fresh coat of paint on our fingers and toes.  We went to a friends house for a little party and then we all sleep in the same bed.

Saturday morning we got ready and headed to the Boise Mall.  The girls were excited to get a pretzel. Their first ever!!

 We had to make a stop at the Sees store for a sucker.  I told them I remember this my own childhood and had to share the joy! They loved it!

These girls were awesome.  We shopped for hours.  We did have Sofia with us and she also did great but I failed to get a picture of her.  A day we will not forget!  I look forward to this fun little tradition for years to come.  David and Sam had a great time as well.  Sam loved the tent.

Ear Piercing

The big day had come!  Ellie got her ears pierced.  She asked if it hurt and I didn't lie.  I told her it would hurt for just a minute.  She was brave and did it! (sorry can't figure out how to turn the above picture and its the only one with Hailey in it.  I thought she would be upset she couldn't get her done but she didn't even ask.....just there for support).

My almost 8 year old with her ears pierced! She is getting so old its hard to believe.